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Branches – cnc routers

CNC routers have revolutionized manufacturing by offering precise cutting, carving, and shaping capabilities. These computer-controlled machines find applications across various branches, from woodworking and cabinet making to aerospace and automotive manufacturing. Our company offers three different router types: DCNC, SCNC, and Robomill fit to different client needmends.

Using cnc routers enables innovation, customization, and cost-effective production, making them indispensable in today’s manufacturing landscape.

  1. Woodworking Industry: Both DCNC and SCNC routers are commonly used in the woodworking industry for tasks such as cutting, carving, and engraving wooden materials. DCNC routers are suitable for smaller woodworking shops, while SCNC routers are more suitable for large-scale furniture production facilities.
  2. Signage and Advertising: DCNC routers are often used in the signage and advertising industry for precise cutting and shaping of materials like acrylic, PVC, and foam boards to create custom signs, lettering, and displays.
  3. Aerospace and Aviation: SCNC routers are frequently employed in the aerospace and aviation industry for manufacturing large-scale components, such as aircraft interior panels, wing parts, and molds from aluminum and various foams.
  4. Automotive Industry: SCNC routers find applications in the automotive industry for producing prototypes, molds, and custom parts, including dashboards, door panels, and interior trim pieces.
  5. Prototyping and Product Development: DCNC, SCNC and Robomill routers are used extensively in prototyping and product development to create accurate and detailed prototypes, models, and molds. DCNC is perfect for small, simple and 2D shapes, SCNC for bigger more complex up to 4-axis models and Robomill is perfectly fit for advanced and multiplinear shapes thanks to 6-axis robotic arm.
  6. Metal Fabrication: SCNC routers with appropriate modifications, such as higher power spindles and specialized tooling, can be used for light and medium metal cutting and engraving applications in the metal fabrication industry.
  7. Educational Institutions: DCNC routers are widely utilized in educational institutions, including schools and technical colleges, for teaching CNC programming, woodworking, and manufacturing skills. Our company has special offers and partnership programs for educational institutions, universities etc., enabling them to work with professional cnc routers from early years.
  8. Craftsmanship and Artistic Creations: DCNC routers are employed by artisans and craftsmen for creating intricate and detailed designs in various materials, including wood, stone, and plastics.
  9. Plastic Fabrication: DCNC routers are used in the plastic fabrication industry for precision cutting and shaping of plastic sheets, panels, and profiles.
  10. Marine Industry: SCNC routers are commonly used in the marine industry for manufacturing boat and yacht components, such as smaller hulls, parts of decks, and interior fixtures.
  11. Model Making: DCNC routers are widely utilized in model making to create accurate and intricate models of architectural structures, prototypes, and product designs.
  12. Jewelry Making: DCNC routers equipped with specialized tools can be employed in the jewelry industry for precise cutting, engraving, and shaping of metals and gemstones.
  13. Furniture Manufacturing: DCNC, SCNC and Robomill routers are extensively used in the furniture industry for producing custom furniture pieces. DCNC and SCNC are perfect for simple and 2D shapes, Robomill is perfectly fit for advanced and multiplinear shapes.
  14. Packaging: DCNC routers can be used for precise cutting and shaping of packaging materials, such as corrugated cardboard and foam inserts.
  15. Textile Industry and Footwear Industry : DCNC routers can be utilized for precision cutting of textile materials, such as fabrics and leather, for pattern making and customization.

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