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Materials – cnc routers

Cnc routers can work with a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, foam, and soft metals like aluminum and brass. Wood is a popular choice for cnc router applications, allowing for intricate carving and precise cutting, making it ideal for furniture and cabinetry production. Cnc routers can also handle various plastics, such as acrylic and PVC, offering versatility in creating signage, displays, and custom plastic components. For industrial-scale projects, cnc routers can work with tough materials like composite materials (e.g., fiberglass and carbon fiber) and non-ferrous metals, providing efficiency and precision in aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

  1. Wood:
    • DCNC Medium Semi-Industrial CNC Router: Ideal for woodworking projects, furniture manufacturing, and cabinetry. Offers precise cutting and carving of various wood types.
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Suitable for large-scale woodworking, high-end furniture production, and architectural woodworking. Handles heavy-duty tasks with efficiency.
  2. Plastic:
    • DCNC Medium Semi-Industrial CNC Router: Works well with various plastics like acrylic, PVC, and HDPE, suitable for signage and point-of-sale displays. Delivers accurate and intricate cuts.
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Capable of handling more significant plastic fabrication tasks, such as large-scale plastic sheet cutting. Ideal for mass production.
  3. Soft Metals (e.g., Aluminum, Brass):
    • DCNC Medium Semi-Industrial CNC Router: Can work with softer metals for producing custom parts and prototypes in smaller quantities.
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Better suited for heavy-duty cutting of soft metals in larger volumes and industrial settings. Ensures precise and consistent results.
  4. Foam:
    • DCNC Medium Semi-Industrial CNC Router: Suitable for creating foam inserts used in packaging and design industries. Offers versatility in foam shaping.
    • Robomill – Milling Robot: Ideal for milling complex shapes from foam and other materials, offering advanced 6-axis capabilities for intricate designs.
  5. Hardwoods (e.g., Oak, Maple, Walnut):
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Best choice for cutting and shaping hardwoods in large-scale and high-end woodworking applications. Provides high-quality finishes.
  6. Composite Materials (e.g., Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Laminates):
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Specifically designed to handle tough composite materials, making it ideal for aerospace, automotive, and marine industries. Ensures precision and strength.
  7. Non-Ferrous Metals (e.g., Aluminum, Brass, Copper):
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Suited for cutting and milling non-ferrous metals in industrial applications, where precision and efficiency are essential. Ideal for metal fabrication.
  8. Steel and Ferrous Metals:
    • Robomill – Milling Robot: Ideal for advanced 6-axis shapes from foams, wood, and stone, and can handle heavy-duty cutting and milling of steel and ferrous metals. Ensures precise and complex shapes.
  9. Leather and Textiles:
    • QCNC – CNC Cutter: Designed for precision cutting of soft materials like leather and textiles, commonly used in fashion and upholstery industries. Provides intricate and delicate cuts.
  10. Rubber:
    • DCNC Medium Semi-Industrial CNC Router: Capable of cutting and shaping rubber materials for gaskets, seals, and rubber components.
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Ideal for high-volume rubber cutting and fabrication in industrial settings. Provides consistent and reliable rubber processing.
  11. Ceramic:
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Can handle precision cutting, engraving, and shaping of ceramic materials for tile production, pottery, and art pieces. Ensures intricate and detailed ceramic work.
  12. Stone (e.g., Marble, Granite):
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Specifically designed with additional options for stone cutting and carving, suitable for creating intricate designs, countertops, and sculptures. Offers high-quality stone cutting.
    • Robomill: perfect for milling big, complex shapes like stone figures, gravestones etc.
  13. Carbon Fiber:
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Capable of machining carbon fiber composites with precision, used in aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment industries. Ensures accuracy and strength in carbon fiber processing.
  14. Fiberglass:
    • SCNC Industrial Router: Suitable for cutting and shaping fiberglass materials used in boat building, wind turbine blades, and automotive parts. Provides efficient and accurate fiberglass processing.

materials Materials - cnc routers

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